It's been a busy one! This week lead to an exciting discovery. Though it is far too late in the season to see it flower, I discovered some bloodroot to test! I am so grateful for the guidance and wisdom of the naturalists here, Matt Dykstra took me on a hike to identify dead trees from which to pull bark (for experiments coming soon...) when we noticed the oddly lobed leaves among the mayapples. 


 I also stumbled across an abandoned and very overgrown rose bushes on part of PCCI's property that used to be a farm, fingers crossed for some vibrant pinks from these. I am beginning a small edition of screen printed bundle dyed textiles pieces this week! Still working out the imagery of the drawing that will be screen printed atop the natural colors, but the flags are all bundled up and simmering over the weekend. I am trying so very hard to spread myself less thin, to focus more on each project I work on. For this reason I only plan to make 5 flags, enough to allow me to experiment with color and pattern variation, but not too many that I begin to rush and to finish them all and sacrifice quality and craft. I will have pictures next week of how the first round of eco printing on these flags turns out! 

I've also made quite a bit of progress on my Spring Dye Harvest watercolor! the bedstraws in and nearly finished, and the mint just needs a bit of detailing