At last I made up my mind of what plants to focus on for the Summer Dye Harvest Watercolor and got a good start on it! First up, Mulberries...


One evening, the bird researchers from Calvin invited us along to go bird banding with them. Although we didn't catch anything, it was breathtaking. The Soya fields we visited are the site of the 3rd largest population of the declining Henslow's Sparrow, they could be heard calling nonstop as the sun set! Spending time crouched in the waving grasses was so calming, meadow imagery is inevitably going to continue to reoccur in my coming work. I can't get over the rhythm of it.


I prepared a batch of bundles to try out the false sunflowers that had been blooming, as well as the blackberries!

Look at those little bubbly berry imprints!

Look at those little bubbly berry imprints!

dark and soupy oak and eucalyptus 

dark and soupy oak and eucalyptus 

I have missed painting berries, I managed to get the pokeberries almost completely painted in this week! After a stop at the Barry County Fair of course... I have been taking videos as I paint this piece, I think they'll be really useful in my final presentation video!