The first of the goldenrod is blooming and ready to be used! the lemon yellow dye layers wonderfully with a weak indigo to make a lovely emerald green. It seemed to be about time to practice making something useful out of the skills and material I've been studying, so I made a garment! I look forward to re-working these in the future but it feels good to have a tactile application for what I've been working with


My tie dye skills came in handy with these, with two dyes I can get 4 different color in the patterning. I also began dyeing cotton embroidery floss to stitch with!


I took these emerald jackets along with some that were eco printed to a makers market in Fennville. I had the opportunity to exchange tips and information with some folks that did natural dyeing themselves, and even though we got stormed on quiet a bit, we met some fantastic sheep


Over the weekend I finished the massasauga drawing, proofed it on a screen, adjusted the composition and got it printed on tees!